Temporary Cap on Gulf of Mexico Leak

We’re all aware of the horrendous ecological damage going on in the Gulf of Mexico.  Not to speak of the suffering of innocent creatures, and the human misery.  Comedian George Lopez, host of a late-night talk show "Lopez Tonight", broadcast live from Burbank, California, calls it Gulf of “Texaco”, and said last night “We now have a Gulf divided into two sections:  leaded and unleaded.”

Today BP seems to have capped temporarily the source of the leak. It’s a test.  Let us hope this effort will be successful.  But what about the hundreds of millions of litres of oil, and the delicate habitat, plus the livelihoods based on fishing or ‘shrimping’. Not to mention the bird colonies under siege by the oily mess.  Then there are the rare manatees in those waters, and the dolphins.

There is an alternative, the Sun brings us mega-warmth and energy on a daily basis, yet it’s free.  The sun never sends us an invoice.  Something to ponder.