It's a Quartet! Our latest children's book has just been published

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We're delighted to announce the release of 
"The Quickest Claw in the Reef".

A fun-filled, whimsical and enlightening visit to the realm of coral reefs, the book is a collaboration between myself (who wrote the story), and PJ Heyliger (who did the illustrations).

Following the publication of our three previous books, (*) this makes a Quartet!  

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We meet octopuses, cuttlefish, Fiddlehead crabs and other reef dwellers who set out to solve a mystery. 

Plus, there is one, presently undisclosed, major character. 

The book is the fourth in a collaborative series between author Henri van Bentum and illustrator PJ Heyliger. 

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[The book will be available in Europe next month.]

[The three previous titles are:  "King Neptune's Jewels with Tails and Fins", 'Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Flower Garden", and "The Misdventures of Rexie the Damselfish".  All can be located on Amazon.) 


Latest review of "The Quickest Claw in the Reef"


"Henri van Bentum and PJ Heyliger have once again travelled to deep seas.  In their most recent tale, fourth of a quartet, a fishy trio is appointed to source out an unceasing noise that is disrupting the tranquility of the Coral Reef Community.  

One by one, a colourful host of slippery sleuths volunteer to solve the rackety mystery, transporting the reader through a kaleidoscope of delightfully lively prose richly illustrated with Cuttlefish and Lionfish, a Sea Horse, a Walking Shark, Fiddelhead Crab, plus one particularly gifted Octopus.   

As informative as it is entertaining, “The Quickest Claw in the Reef” is an adventure for all ages not to be missed, so fasten your flippers and dive in!

Zeporah Horodezky

“The Quickest Claw in the Reef” is available on Amazon here in Canada.
And here is the link to the Amazon USA page.



Review of our latest children's book, "The Quickest Claw in the Reef"

Oscar the Octopus with his Sherlock Holmes' hat

"The Quickest Claw in the Reef"
Story by Henri van Bentum
Illustrations by PJ Heyliger

This cute little book is fun to read, with many different kinds of fish playing various parts in the story. In a coral reef, we meet up with peacock flounders, cuttlefish, (which change colours at the drop of a hat), a stingray, sea horse, lionfish, fiddlehead crabs, a walking shark and an octopus, amongst other creatures.

Everything is fine, except for one thing:  there is a terrible din in the ocean background that no one can figure out.  Well, Oscar the octopus takes on the case, and you’ll see what happens after that! Kids will enjoy reading and hearing about an amazing little creature that is the loudest thing in the sea.


To order:
Canada https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1986910482
USA  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1986910482
Europe and elsewhere - will be available in May