Celebrating the International Day of Light 2024 - "Fruit Gathering" / "Organiverse"

Fruit Gathering: A Journey Into the "Organiverse" of Henri van Bentum, with Rabindranath Tagore - Part Two

With a focus on Light this contemplative online exhibit features a series of ten sequential video and audio chapters embracing one hundred mandalas ("Organiverse" Starry Night edition, created by artist Henri van Bentum) with the eighty-six poems, "Fruit Gathering" by Tagore, exploring themes of light and life. Read by producer Brian W.E. Johnson.

Mandala #25 from #100 set, Organiverse, Henri van Bentum, 1972

Join us as we explore Rabindranath’s epic work “Fruit Gathering”, comprised of eighty-six poems, paired with the 100 mandalas of Henri van Bentum’s “Organiverse – Starry Night edition”.  

Each poem is read by producer Brian W.E. Johnson.  

Just as Rabindranath Tagore uses light as a symbol for hope and freedom, and to represent divine love, Henri van Bentum’s Organiverse series is a glimpse into the multi-layered beauty of all that is life and light, a dance of colour, form and contemplation.

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This project is a sequel to the "Gitanjali/Organiverse" exhibit, described in our post of January 5, 2022. For full details click here. 

More about Organiverse, both the Original and Starry Night editions, can be found here

For a link to the special issue of "Gitanjali and Beyond", Issue #7. published by the Scottish Centre of Tagore Studies, click here.