Two ORGANIVERSE videos can be viewed at Vimeo

You're invited to watch the two videos based on both the Original and Starry Night versions of ORGANIVERSE on our Vimeo page.


ORGANIVERSE by Henri van Bentum "Starry Night" edition - sphere # 26 out of a series of #100 spheres

ORGANIVERSE - this is just one sphere in the series of one hundred, Starry Night edition.  Pointillism, 8 1/2 cm. in diameter (3.3"). To watch a video of the Original (and Starry Night) set, come and visit our Vimeo page.

Explore the new ORGANIVERSE ROTATION Handset, available for purchase, with holder made from recovered Westcoast wood including Garry Oak. A project in collaboration with Brian W. Johnson.  For contact information please visit my website, and click on "Biography".