Horse Power

Talking about ships on the Alaska route, passengers at our Victoria port of call often take a horse-driven carriage around our neighbourhood, James Bay. Here at the waterfront on scenic Dallas Road, these carriages often have a long procession of cars, taxis and buses (carrying passengers from the ships) behind them, sometimes a couple of blocks long. You can sense how frustrated the drivers are, eager to pass. Often the horses travel faster than the cars. Maybe a sign of the times, with fuel costs rising. Also you wonder what goes on in the minds of those drivers 'stuck' behind true horsepower.


Questions about the current Andy Warhol exhibit

I've received a few questions about the Andy Warhol exhibit currently on view at the art gallery here in Victoria. Being an artist I guess people are more inclined to approach me on the subject. I am not a fan of Warhol. However his work is an honest reflection of the 'non-culture culture' of America. Andy grew up with Campbell soup, hot dogs, hamburgers and Hollywood movies. All these objects and subjects dominate his output. Pop(ular) art belongs justly100% in the USA. It was mimicked in Europe, but at that time artists were not raised with those non-culture culture ingredients from which Warhol got his inspiration and nourishment.


Conversation as reported in Socrates 'Phaedus'

Summer has finally reached our shores here on Juan de Fuca Strait. Being privileged to have some time, I read a lot, but also write too. Then again, in August I'll be marking my 79th turn around the sun. Of course from this perspective one has a different outlook on life than when still peeking at it. 

Speaking of writing, I came across this quote by Socrates on the invention of letters, going all the way back to the ancient era of Egypt. Here it is:

Conversation between the Egyptian god Thoth, who invented letters, and the god Amon (as reported in Socrates' Phaedrus):
 "This discovery of yours will create forgetfulness in the learner's soul, because they will not use their memories. 

They will trust to the external written characters and not remember themselves.

The specific you have discovered is an aid NOT to memory, but to reminisce, and you will give to your disciples not truth, but only the semblance of truth. 

They will become bearers of many things and will have learned nothing. They will be tiresome company, bearing the show of wisdom without reality." 

Should be "Netherlander", not "Dutch"

On the word "Dutch"

A Canadian is from Canada,
A Norwegian is from Norway,
A Mexican is from Mexico,
A German is from Germany.

Yet someone from the Netherlands is called Dutch.
Who has ever heard of Dutchland?


On Canada Day

Wandering from the St. Lawrence to the Fraser
from east to west coast

witnessed pines, lakes, mountain cascades
maple and bush
beaver, moose and Canada geese
but nowhere did I see

Us creating all this.


Humans have problems with Nature. With its size, scope, power, vitality and honesty. We have challenged, battled and are now in the process of destroying Nature. Since we are Nature ourselves, the effort and effect takes us with her. Like a boomerang. After it hits the target, it returns to the thrower.