Kudos from a Wanderer

Although from time to time we receive kudos about the blog, this one we felt like sharing, because it’s from someone who has ‘walked’ the soil and encountered the cultures of at least 100 nations.  He also resided in Ethiopia.  When we say ‘walked’, we mean other than by foot, he used for transport any mode or means available.  Here is his comment on the blog:

A few words about your Blogspot.  Now that I'm putting out some trifling comments (a blog or something or other), could mention the obvious light-years difference (yours/mine).  And what a difference a blog makes.  My autobiographical ramble is hardly comparable to steady quality, choice of subjects, colouring and design, you've been creating quite awhile.  Think it would be state-of-the-art.  Astute talent, inspiration, as well as experience and choice subject matter, I judge second to none.  I would wonder whether yours would be a contender if there had been an academy award, for blogs.”

Thought we’d share this sizeable ‘feather in our cap’.  However without the assistance of Natasha, our ‘cyberengineer’, there would be no blog.  I write all the text, she posts it and together we select the illustrations and images.
Henri van Bentum