Up to 15,000 crocodiles escape from reptile farms

Up to 15,000 crocodiles have escaped from reptile farms in South Africa. 

"See you later, aligator.
In awhile, crocodile"
is now reality.
Thousands of crocs in South Africa
have gone astray.
They have gone, who knows which way?  
Frantic search, but the beasts say
"No, No, you won't put us 
in your cookpots, or make any
purses or shoes from me.
We were born as slaves, but Hurrrrrah!
now we're free.   
"Oh no, you'll not find us,
It will take indeed awhile,
we're in rivers as dark as the night"
Says their primordial toothed smile.  

Henri van Bentum


Mining Asteroids? Rap

Oh no, Oh no, What now?
Very little gold and other goodies found
In our our mining.
Stop your lamenting and whining.
But, but we hit rock bottom and void.
Have no fear, have you not seen?
in the glorious year 2015.