Magic and Mystery of Colour

Colour could be a role model for honesty, especially nowadays with corruption, cheating and dishonesty rampant as practised by the ‘law’ makers, corporations and governments worldwide. You see, colour never cheats, misleads or lies.  So at least there is one thing anyone can rely upon.  A good role model / phenomena for those who have little trust or faith in what’s been spoon fed. The universal law of colour is consistent, always.  
If you mix Yellow with Blue pigment, the result is Green.  Never Orange or Violet.  Red with Yellow always creates Orange, never Green or Violet.  Red with Blue makes Violet or Purple, never Orange or Green.  Isn’t this interesting? That’s magical mystery. Another quality of colour is there is no need to be literate. (Although we’re not saying that literacy is unimportant.)  Anyone who works with colour hands-on, from childhood to old age, can see this natural law unfolding before them. 
If someone tells you they’ve seen a nice Green sweater or Blue blouse, it’s difficult to visualize the correct Green or Blue, since there are multifold variations of colour.  (However, when you mention how much it costs, this registers at once :)  Only when we have a sample or see the actual sweater or blouse will we be able to tell its true colour.
Close-up of spectrum oil slick in rain puddle
Have you ever noticed an asymmetric “rainbow” in a rain puddle oil slick?  The spectrum sequence of colours in these puddles always stay the same. Of course there are also gemstones and crystals that refract light in the spectrum colours.  What is not so easily noticed are rainbow colours on top of foamy waves in the sunshine.  With such experiences we see this magical spectrum phenomenon, dancing before our very eyes.

Henri van Bentum