One of the paintings from my "Organiverse" series / on cover

Below is a picture of the cover from the most recent issue of Network Review, an international journal published by Scientific and Medical Network, showing mandala #26 from the set of #100 of my "Organiverse" Starry Night edition.

To read about the history of the Organiverse portfolio, simply enter the word "Organiverse" in the blog Search box.  Or visit our Vimeo site with videos of the full set in both the original, Helios edition, and the Starry Night edition.


In addition, here is an item published on our website about the Organiverse Handheld Set.

 Art, Meditation, Ecology
  Atom by Atom - Dot by Dot


Created in Morocco and on the island of Madeira by artist Henri van Bentum, born in the Lowlands in 1929.  van Bentum's work is in several public and many private collections around the world. All 100 mandalas in the Organiverse series are done in pointillism, dot by dot.  Each mandala is only 8.5 cm. in diameter.

"The work of Henri van Bentum reminds us of organic processes on the cosmic and microcosmic levels. His work helps me understand the vastness, complexity and beauty of the cosmos. 
 van Bentum's work is executed with a fine sense of colour and other elements. 
I see his work as a paradigm for enduring works of art in the future." 
 Leslie Mezei, Former Professor of Computer Sciences, University of Toronto


Organiverse is a meditational aid or 21st century kasina device. It is used to enhance meditation practice. It works by simply placing the cards face-out in the display module and, after allowing for some time to pass, move the front facing card to the back of the holder. In this way you will rotate through the Organiverse mandalas in sequence. The idea is to go through the whole series of 100 spheres.


Henri van Bentum was one of the first eco-artists beginning in the 1950’s. He has always advocated ‘Small is Beautiful’ and works on a small scale, using a minimum of resources for maximum results. The Organiverse rotation handset comes in a unique wood display holder made from recovered wood from Vancouver Island, as part of the Woodworkers Guild “Wood Recovery Project”.

This box is made from recovered Garry Oak.

“Organiverse is a glimpse into the multilayered beauty of all that is Life. These mandalas offer an immense opportunity for healing and for a heart-based understanding of who we are physically, emotionally and spiritually. A dance of colour, form and contemplation.” 
 Dr. Mark Sherman, MDCM, CCFP