Ode to the "big" little flower

Crocuses in front of the house.  Photo credit:  Kathryn Pandowski

Now, in front of the house, in January

colourful, tiny flowers bloom in glory

telling us it’s ‘Spring’ here in Victoria

(a month early)

born from Nature’s hocus-pocus

most people walk by, do not notice

because they’re pre-occupied with pocus-hocus.

Only a few see these tiny Crocus, 
and bend down in wonder. Focus.

For only when you see these gems

will you experience the wonder

of Nature’s hocus-pocus.

Henri van Bentum



Memories can be precious but are a mystery.  In Greek mythology, the Titan goddess of memory is Mnemosyne, daughter of Gaia and Uranus.  She is also Mother of the Muses.  Amongst other things, she represented the rote memorization required, before the introduction of writing, to preserve the stories of history and sagas of myth.
Mnemosyne, Titan Greek Goddess of Memory and Mother of the Muses 

Maybe creativity could be looked upon as being “Future Memory”. At age 84, we’re fortunate still to recall experiences stored away long ago.  My posts in this blog including the recent Encounters with Wildlife are evidence of memory.
The Nine Muses of Greek Mythology
Although there are multiple 21-century gadgets available that allow us to record, film, communicate or find information on any subject - - - our eyes are still the best camera. In coordination with brain and mind we record all the time.  Memories then are records of ‘filmed’ experiences from the past. Vague, or poor recall could be because the ‘camera was not present’, preventing the filming.  No pictures, no printouts, no memories.  Or, we don’t wish to re-visit certain events and experiences from long ago.  They’re then left in the dark room, undeveloped.
Henri van Bentum writing his blog
Aging, infirmity, amnesia, Alzheimer’s sadly are also causes of memory loss.  We remember, we forget, we remember, etc. Anything could trigger a memory, image or experience of the past.  A scent, a tune, photograph, postcard, anything.  That’s why we say memories are precious.  It’s still a mystery what holds them in the hinterland, the dark room of our minds. Memories differ from dreams, they come from real experiences, re-visited and come to life again.

Henri van Bentum