"Perseverance" Rover arrives on Mars -- with our names on it, making us "MARStronauts"


Did any of our blog readers sign on to NASA’s recent “Perseverance” mission?

Two years ago, we did. To our pleasant surprise we received these two ‘boarding passes’, shown here:

The mission launched 8 months ago and Perseverance landed safely on February 18th. 

The rover has our names on it, along with 10 million other people. 

The names were stencilled by electron beam onto three fingernail-sized silicon chips. It’s the era of nano-technology.

More than 10 million names have been placed 
onto three silicon chips, each the size of a fingernail. 

So the van Bentum’s are now “on Mars”. (See photos below.)


We also have earned a 'meagre' 😎 504,668,791 flyer points. The next mission is coming up in 2026 and you can also sign up to get your name on the next flight.

Henri van Bentum 'on Mars'

Natasha van Bentum 'on Mars'

Stay safe, everyone!