Teaching Mermaids the Splits

These blog posts are like talking to you without you actually hearing a voice, yet it ‘speaks’. You can share thoughts, memories and experiences all in one. Like some kind of magic. But then is life itself not magical? It gives me the willies just thinking with full consciousness of all that goes on in the body. The invisible but vital systems which keep us going. So it is with all living creatures. There’s supposed to be more atoms in our thumb than grains of sand on all beaches. If that’s true, doesn’t that give you goosebumps? “Amazing”, said Charlie Chan. He also said, “Human mind like parachute, works best when open.” Good old Charlie Chan. You know what else he said, when speaking to his Number One son?It is easier to teach a mermaid the splits than teach you anything.” I wonder if he also had in mind the arrogant and indifferent world leaders. Speaking of world leaders, there is an old Flemish saying, “When the calf is drowned, they cover the well.”