flowers - the first advertisers?

Our building has an outdoor pool which is surrounded by lots of flowers in ceramic pots. Petunias, impatiens, pelargonium, labelia, gazanias and of course geraniums. Also a small rose garden -- all tended by a volunteer, a long-time tenant who lives on the ground floor suite right beside the pool. Once in awhile she gives us a cut flower after our swim. This makes me think of my childhood in the Lowlands. I was surrounded by flowers, especially tulips. 

Now, why are those flowers there at all? Surely not for us to adore. They're on this planet much longer than we Homo Sapiens. We know bees pollinate flowers and in turn get their nectar, future honey. Also fruit trees when in blossom need the bees to pollinate for their fruit. Hummingbirds depend on flowers, to sustain themselves, to survive on the nectar and energy it gives them. Maybe flowers were the first advertisers? They flash their gorgeous colours and scents, to compete and to survive. Not unlike Las Vegas with all the glittering casino lights. "Come to us. You'll be glad you did. The jackpot awaits you!" So too flowers say, "Come to me, my nectar is the best." So why do we cut the flowers? We don't do them a service, nor the bees (or our honey). But who does not love flowers. Shall I tell the friendly lady? Ah well, maybe not.