the colour of the universe

Have you ever noticed those adverts to relieve headaches never mention how to prevent a headache in the first place? There seems to be something amiss (in our brains) sometimes. We seldom look at the cause. 
Take butterflies. (I call them 'flutterbys', they flutter and there is no butter or fly on them). Scientists say they're disappearing. "Maybe the birds ate them?" they say. Well, before they come out of the cocoon, as you know they're caterpillars. These are eaten by birds (but birds are also at risk, remember Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring"?) and other creatures. Of course there is no chicken without the egg. So, no colourful flutterbys without caterpillars. There may be another cause: pollution?

Then we have problems with the bees. Cause? Scientists are "baffled". That is becoming a household word, baffled, as if we know everything. One day, coffee is not good for you. Next day, it's not only good, but very good for you. Eggs: too much cholesterol. Now, eggs are good for you. Et cetera. 

Even the colour of the universe changes. Yes, it was blue, then turquoise. Now, they say it's taupe (!). Speaking of colour, in the early 1960's, during a visit to Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain, I encountered a couple having a fierce argument while looking at a painting.

"It's green!", he said. "It's blue!", she said. On and on, their voices raised to higher and higher decibels. Finally I went over to look. It was a work by Velasquez. I observed the picture, and said quietly to the couple, "It's neither blue nor green, but turquoise."