the english language and challenges

And now for something completely different. English is not my mother's tongue nor for that matter my father's. Had to learn it in order to communicate and survive as an immigrant. Just so you know what we're up against when learning a new language like English, I thought I'd pass along some of the confusion. Maybe you can send some others along?

Squirrel: but pronounced "skwirrel"
Knight (noble) and Night (evening)
Beach (shoreline) and beech (tree)
Wave (water) and wave (hi/bye)
Sea (ocean) and see (look)
Dear (person) and deer (animal)
Grave (cemetery) and grave (serious)
Plot (garden) and plot (conspiracy)
Hair (human) and hare (animal)
Rain and Reign
One Leaf/Two Leaves
One Fish/Two Fish
Bear (animal) and bare (naked)
Present (now) and present (gift)
Wait (for someone) and weight (kilos)
Vacuum Cleaner - which vacuum, the whole cosmos? In Netherlands it's a "dust sucker" which is what it does.

There are many more, it would take too much space. Speaking of the Cosmos -- where does all that
Space come from, before-the-before? Before the Big Bang.