Review of our latest children's book, "The Quickest Claw in the Reef"

Oscar the Octopus with his Sherlock Holmes' hat

"The Quickest Claw in the Reef"
Story by Henri van Bentum
Illustrations by PJ Heyliger

This cute little book is fun to read, with many different kinds of fish playing various parts in the story. In a coral reef, we meet up with peacock flounders, cuttlefish, (which change colours at the drop of a hat), a stingray, sea horse, lionfish, fiddlehead crabs, a walking shark and an octopus, amongst other creatures.

Everything is fine, except for one thing:  there is a terrible din in the ocean background that no one can figure out.  Well, Oscar the octopus takes on the case, and you’ll see what happens after that! Kids will enjoy reading and hearing about an amazing little creature that is the loudest thing in the sea.


To order:
Canada https://www.amazon.ca/dp/1986910482
USA  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1986910482
Europe and elsewhere - will be available in May


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