It's a Quartet! Our latest children's book has just been published

Front Cover

We're delighted to announce the release of 
"The Quickest Claw in the Reef".

A fun-filled, whimsical and enlightening visit to the realm of coral reefs, the book is a collaboration between myself (who wrote the story), and PJ Heyliger (who did the illustrations).

Following the publication of our three previous books, (*) this makes a Quartet!  

 Back Cover

We meet octopuses, cuttlefish, Fiddlehead crabs and other reef dwellers who set out to solve a mystery. 

Plus, there is one, presently undisclosed, major character. 

The book is the fourth in a collaborative series between author Henri van Bentum and illustrator PJ Heyliger. 

To order in Canada: 

To order in the USA:

[The book will be available in Europe next month.]

[The three previous titles are:  "King Neptune's Jewels with Tails and Fins", 'Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Flower Garden", and "The Misdventures of Rexie the Damselfish".  All can be located on Amazon.) 

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