In our neighbourhood by the sea

From balmy and lush Hawaii, home again to moist, cool and sometimes foggy climes - - - trademarks of Victoria winters.   This does not seem to bother the wildlife, especially Hummingbirds.  And the New Year brought a new (for us) visitor to our shore off Dallas Road.  We spotted a large Sea Lion snoozing on a rock just 75 metres from our door.  The last day or so she’s made it her home.   

Since we don’t see them often out of the water at this time of year, the lyrics about “Monterey, where the seals and mantas play” came to mind. Sometimes an Eagle settles down to rest awhile, along with a few of those Hummingbirds doing their acrobatic manoeuvres, accompanied by an energy that seems perpetual.  We’re told they need to take in huge amounts of nectar to offset all this use of energy.  Meanwhile let’s see if our lone Sea Lion is still there tomorrow. In the meanwhile here is a photo.