It's been awhile - and now for something different

It has been quite awhile since our last post.  With all the worldly goings-on, sometimes one wishes to be silent, amidst all the noise and drama.  Just returned from a memorable, "free Vitamin D" sailing, circumnavigating the Hawaiian islands.  

Appreciate having the good health in order to do so.  Highlights were:

  • the Waimea Canyon, Kaui
  • Hamela'uma'u crater with a huge, billowing plume of sulphur dioxide, Big Island
  • an amazing Banyan Tree in Lahani, Maui - at first it looks like a dozen trees, but then we discovered everything is an offshoot from one, main tree
  • ten days of fresh sea-air
  • seasonal decorations aboard ship, including a complete gingerbread village.