Remembering Henri van Bentum (1929-2022) Message from the international Circumnavigators Club


"Henri van Bentum, artist, was truly a man of the world.

He was a long-time member of the historic Circumnavigators Club, a nonprofit organization founded in 1902 for people who sailed around the globe (*), and who believed in making the world a better place through friendship and understanding. 

Henri was an esteemed member of the Circumnavigators. 

We will miss him. “Luck to you”, Henri!"

David A. Mink, President

(*) The Circumnavigators Club is the only organization devoted to bringing together those men and women who have circumnavigated the globe by any means, crossing every meridian longitude in one direction. The Club's purpose is to encourage global fellowship and understanding. It strives to inspire people to see and absorb as much as they can about the world in which we live. Motto:  Through friendship, to leave this world a little better than we found it.  https://circumnavigators.org/

Certificate of membership for Henri van Bentum, Circumnavigators Club, 1975

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featuring several existing, and legacy projects. 

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