Launch of Part Two: "Organiverse / "Fruit Gathering"


Today, Feb. 5th, we are happy to announce the official launch of Part Two, explorations with the poetry (songs) of Rabindranath Tagore, and Henri van Bentum's Organiverse, ("Starry Night" edition). 

This time, it is the “Starry Night” or Bioluminescent edition of my “Organiverse” 100 mandalas, with Tagore’s book of poems “Fruit Gathering” (1916). 

Mandala 25 of 100 set, Organiverse 'Starry Night' edition.

Part Two is produced and read by our friend Brian WE Johnson (BWEJ) of Victoria. We would like to express appreciation for his diligent and thoughtful work. 

“Fruit Gathering is a collection of short poems by Rabindranath Tagore. The theme of this book is based on the relationship between God and man, the atom and the cosmos. Tagore uses fruits and flowers to symbolise his spiritual and moral values towards the love for the creator.”  (Indian Culture) 

For details about “Organiverse”, please visit our Jan. 1st post on Part One, Organiverse / Gitanjali.

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