Chris Hadfield: Astronaut, Space Troubadour, Photographer and Mentor

Most of us know by now the International Space Station orbits Earth 19 times per diem.  On board is Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield with fellow crew members.  Following up my previous posts about abstract patterns in the visible and invisible realms, we must add the unique “space-eye” view pictures of Earth that Chris is transmitting daily. 
Photo taken by Chris Hadfield from ISS of the Australian outback
 Many look like abstract art, some bordering on Fractal images.  We (Natasha and I) have known Chris for several years.  He is an Honorary member of the same club, the international Circumnavigators Club.  (I’m a Senior member.) Whereas I have circumnavigated the globe three times by ship, Commander Hadfield and other astronauts do this many times each day. 

Years ago, Chris gave an inspiring illustrated talk that we organized at the Vancouver Planetarium about Mars.  We noticed then his boundless enthusiasm and love of the subject, and his wish to share experience and observations with the “Human Family”. For those who are not familiar with the panoramic pictures he transmits of our home from his ‘home’, it would be an eye-opener to see how clear and beautiful those vistas are.   

Chris has now almost 300,000 followers on Twitter, and counting. So we thought we’d share with you that we have “a friend in high places” and are proud of him.  I call Chris a “space troubadour” because he not only plays guitar but composes and sings up there too.  You can find some videos on YouTube. Soon he’ll be Commander of that amazing space station, and what an achievement this is.  Yes he stays his usual self, full of enthusiasm.   

 A fusion of the inner child with mature adulthood.  Happy orbiting, Chris!