More re patterns in Nature and abstract art

People can be funny.  Had a reply to my previous post (Chondrites/abstract art) from Indonesia.  She asks if I use giraffe’s for models to paint.  No, all I did was point at the multitude of designs and patterns so abundant in Nature, which often have abstract designs. Awareness that it’s there is the key. The electron microscope reveals the realm of the invisible, while the Hubble telescope transmits us deep into the macrocosmos vistas.

Each frame could be an abstract if so rendered by the artist.  I have slides of mineral segments taken with an electron microscope which are beautiful images and yes, again, echo abstract art. I use these for lectures.  

But I also use images visible in Nature, which I mask out parts. What I do is have a print of a Pinto horse, cow, giraffe, colour tropical fish (“jewels with fins”) or whatever.  I then cover the head, legs where needed and tail, showing the result to the audience and ask what they think of it. 

Most are new to abstract art.  Silence.  They cannot make ‘head nor tail’ of it. Then I remove the coverings, and the “Oh’s” and “Ah’s” are heard. “That’s a fish!”, or “It’s a horse!”, or whatever.  See what I mean?

Aces in my hands.  And what about marble?  For this I do not need to cover some areas, but show the full image.

Still very few get it, and live in the world of “What’s that supposed to be?” Marble?  So ancient we don’t even know when it was formed. There is beauty in Nature, and inspiration all around us. All we need is to SEE it, not just glance in our over-active and anxious world of speedy communication with all these Apps and “electronic chip intelligence”. 

Besides noticing, intuition is what leads me to those realms. Having said all this about Art, there is another art form:  making LIFE a work of art. Not easy.