Paul Predicts Again - and has a 'rival", Mani the Parakeet

Who can foretell good fortune and misfortune for the same event? Paul, the amazing Octopus in Oberhausen, Germany – that’s who! He predicted so far all the wins and losses of Germany in the World Cup (associated football, which they call “soccer” here in North America).  Let me give you a prediction of my own.  We see worldwide fame for this 8-armed all-knowing fortune teller.   

This will be expressed in Paul the Octopus toys, gadgets such as are usually made in homage of superstars or creatures that touch the imagination of the young and young-at-heart! His 8 arms will cover the globe, like ET or the Dinosaur toys. Hats, t-shirts, plates, you name it.  Not just now but for a long time to come.  And people will flock to his Aquarium in Oberhausen to see first-hand this amazing creature.
Now for Sunday’s final match: first, some weeks ago, I predicted Spain would win this World Cup.  What makes this final game more interesting, for romantics and aficionados alike, is neither Holland nor Spain have ever won the World Cup trophy.  On Sunday, one of these countries will be added to the ‘sanctum sanctorum’.
Now there are two matches to go for Paul to predict. This is the first time he’s predicted a non-German team match. He says Spain will win. See the story here at Huffington Post .  And for Saturday's game, he has just predicted a victory for Germany.  So maybe he won't be turned into a 'grilled with garlic' dish?"

And now there is another Seer, again from the non-human species:  Mani the Psychic Parakeet.  Based in Singapore, 13-year old Mani has predicted Holland will win the trophy.
I go with Paul.  Coming from a Hollander, how is that for a non-biased prediction? Hup Holland Hup!  Ole, Ole Espana!  Henri