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Welcome to the legacy blog of artist Henri van Bentum (1929-2022).  This site contains several hundred posts covering a vast array of topics, all written by Henri, beginning in 2008 when the blog launched. For a chronological menu of older posts, please see the lower left-hand side of this page. The site is curated by Natasha van Bentum, lifelong partner of Henri for fifty-one years.


Marking the "big year" of Heliophysics - October 2023 to December 2024

Artist Henri van Bentum (1929-2022) created several paintings inspired by Light, many decades before we had astrophotography.  He was a visionary artist who saw things from within.  For this reason, we will be following NASA's "Helio Big Year", see details below. 

The Helio Big Year (HBY) from October 2023 through December 2024 includes two major solar eclipses over the Americas, the Sun's solar maximum (when sunspots are the most numerous and solar flares are more common), and the closest approach to the Sun of NASA's Heliophysics flagship mission–the Parker Solar Probe.

"What is the Heliophysics Big Year?
During the Heliophysics Big Year, you will have the opportunity to participate in many solar science events such as watching solar eclipses, experiencing an aurora, participating in citizen science projects, and other fun Sun-related activities.

What is heliophysics?
Heliophysics is the study of our star and how it interacts with everything in our solar system.

What is a Big Year?
The “Big Year” is a concept that originated with citizen scientists in the bird-watching community. During their Big Year, birders attempt to observe and study as many bird species as possible during a calendar year, and we are challenging you to do the same with our Sun.

Can groups outside of NASA contribute to the Heliophysics Big Year?
Yes! We are inviting all those interested in sharing the science, art, and beauty of heliophysics to participate in the Heliophysics Big Year. We have created an identifier as a way to tie together the collective efforts of the entire heliophysics community into one cohesive brand. Anyone supporting the Heliophysics Big Year effort may use these resources in accordance with the style guide."