From northern British Columbia, stained glass artwork created by my daughter Maya

It’s been awhile since we posted something.  Not much happening when you’re 90, like me.  Aging slows you down, and makes the Riddle of the Sphinx in Greek mythology come true: “What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at Noon, and three feet in the evening?” (The answer is: human beings.)

My daughter from a previous marriage will soon be 49.  She was raised in northern British Columbia, and lives in two places, in Terrace, BC and on Haida Gwaii.

To my surprise, she has taken up stained glass work.   A picture says a thousand words.  Here are a few of her creations.  The quality gave me an incentive to publish this post.  

King Salmon, Abalone Eye, with Eelgrass on Driftwood
Maya Ehses, October 2019

Moose, (in progress) Stained Glass
Maya Ehses 2019

Rooster, Stained Glass
Maya Ehses, 2019

Maya in her studio with the King Salmon in progress

Henri van Bentum
Victoria, BC  November 3, 2019

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Seonaigh MacPherson said...

What beautiful colours and so like the west coast! I can see that Maya takes after her regenerative father (even on three feet!) Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces - filled with light.