Shadrach, our beloved friend the Bengal cat goes ‘over the horizon’

Shadrach and friend Henri van Bentum, Paradise Valley, AZ

In two earlier blog posts we mentioned our cat-sitting experiences in Paradise Valley, Arizona.  (See the posts of March 3rd, 2014 and November 18th, 2016.)

After receiving the best possible care, Shadrach left his devoted ‘parents’ to depart for cat heaven this past February. 

Here is something I wrote in his honour:

It grieves and saddens us to hear our friend Shadrach has left for cat heaven, where he’ll join Miss Benny.  Our heartfelt condolences. We realize it must be a great loss for you both.  We were very attached to him after only knowing him for five weeks. For you both, of course, the loss must be deep.  Having had Shadrach since he was a handful-size, all these years.  
He was one of a kind.  With a strong will and personality.  Playful, with a remarkable imp.  'Still hear his purring when brushing him.  Even more when we gave him a bit of catnip. Being a lively companion, and with all his tricks, he gave you lots of pleasure and joy. 
We knew, of course, his departure was only a matter of time.  Yet knowing that Shadrach the Bengal aristocrat is gone, we cannot help but shed tears. Thank you for having made it possible for us to get to know Shadrach and to have him as a friend.
We recently learned our friends are likely going to get another Bengal cat, which is happy news.  “The King is dead, long live the new King”. 

Shadrach, RIP

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