Our second children's fable has just been published - a collaboration with PJ Heyliger, illustrator

 Back Cover (left) and Front Cover (right) Illustrations by PJ Heyliger

"Nimbert and Tirwinkle 
in an Enchanted Flower Garden"
Illustrations by PJ Heyliger
Story by Henri van Bentum

We’re pleased to announce the birth of our second children’s fable, a printed book.

In tandem with artist PJ Heyliger, who also did the illustrations for our previous book (please see post of January 18, below), “Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Garden” is about an encounter between me and a Gnome. 

Nimbert, the Gnome, reveals why Flowers are here with us today. In my early boyhood, some 85 years ago, I was fortunate to have a maternal grandfather and a loving mother who were both masters at telling stories. 

My maternal grandfather, Antonis Johannes Alberse, also had a beautiful garden and won many awards for his Dahlias. I’ve dedicated the book to him.


There are others who helped with production of the book. A labour of love, Natasha van Bentum looked after logistics and liaised with the graphic designer, and “CreateSpace”.

I write these fairy tales not only for the young, but to re-kindle the youngsters in us all. Fairy tales or fables reflect eternal archetypes of the human family.  If, somehow one day, all the existing fairy tales in the world were to disappear, soon new fables and tales would appear since their themes are universal.

Take a peek inside the book:

Link to our page on Amazon.ca (Canada)


Link to Amazon.com (USA)


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RJH said...

Hello uncle Henri my name is Ruud Harder i am a nephew of you, i am the oldist son of your sister Wilma and the brother of Walter Harder. How nice it is to find you here on the web, i have heart of my brother that he visit you last year and i wonder how your doing. Like to see some reaction of you and maybe we can keep some contact with each other in the future, my regards to you and your wife and maybe till the next letter, i look for your answer

Greatings from Amsterdam

Ruud Harder