Coming in February, another children's fable written by me with illustrations by PJ Heyliger

Preview image from the new book. Illustration by PJ Heylger.

No sooner had our children's book been published King Neptune’s Jewels with Tails and Fins” (see post below re: my story about tropical fish in a coral reef, with illustrations by PJ Heyliger), than we've embarked on another book. 

“Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Garden” is a children's fable about a garden Gnome who reveals to me the real reason why we have flowers on Earth today. 

 Natasha, technical advisor on the children's book(s)

Natasha, my wife and partner, with her boundless logistical and technical support, is technical advisor.

Again for this new project, I wrote the story and our friend PJ Heyliger is creating the illustrations. The publication will be available on Amazon, and ready around the third week of February.

As someone said who received a preview of the book, “Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Garden” promises to be whimsical, colourful, educational -- and, joyful book.  For the young and young at heart."

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