Gulliver's Travels Revisited

 Jonathan Swift, author of "Gulliver's Travels"

Remember the animated movie “Gulliver’s Travels” based on Jonathan Swift's story?  
There was going to be a war between the Lilliputs and the Blefuscus, and all because of a fierce disagreement about a wedding song. The wedding was to be between Lilliput’s King Little’s daughter, Princess Glory, and King Bombo’s son, Prince David.  King Little wanted the song “Faithful” while King Bombo wanted the song “Forever”.  “Faithful!”  “Forever!”  “Faithful!!”  “Forever!!”  "It’s war!!!" They shouted in unison.

Gulliver acted as mediator and peace-maker by suggesting they combined both songs to make “Faithful Forever”.  The two kings had to think about this for a while. Finally they agreed.

The wedding took place, and a memorable and festive occasion it was. 

Today with wars here there and everywhere, we need another Gulliver. Maybe a dozen. The author's name of Gulliver’s Travels was Swift, but few of us are swift enough to get his message up to that “penthouse” of ours.   One human being with ill-will (especially politicians) can cause great pain and damage to millions.  Add to that nowadays, the environment.  Almost reaching a point of no return for both the human family and all that grows and lives on this minute sphere orbiting and speeding in deep space.

Where oh where is Gulliver when we need him?

Henri van Bentum

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