Creative Exploration Part One: "ABC" Isles of Netherlands Antilles

We’re back from our memorable 3 week voyage of Creative Exploration from Florida to Victoria. First port of call out of Ft. Lauderdale was Bonaire, one of the “ABC” isles in the Netherlands Antilles.  They are: Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao.   But actually, from a geographical point of view, they are either “BCA” or from the other direction “ACB” islands.   In Bonaire, we visited the volcanic formations of this island that is covered with Aloe cacti.

We came across this amusing sign in Bonaire

Next up:  Curacao, and its capital of Willemstad, with its amazing moving pedestrian bridge that lets tugboats and other boats go through. One button is pushed to close the bridge for pedestrians, the other button is pushed to move the bridge diagonally. Imagine this:  it moves the whole bridge sideways.  Curacao is famous of course for its orange liqueur and Willemstad for its pastel-coloured houses.  We were there 2006, but now we’ve visited all 3 islands.

Henri on the pedestrian bridge that moves sideways, Willemstad, Curacao

Last of the three islands was Aruba.  We visited a “Flutterby” sanctuary where dozens and dozens of tropical Mariposas, Papillons, fluttered around us in a lush garden. 
 Their amazing life cycle from egg, larvae, caterpillar, pupa, crysallis to the wondrous flutterers, was there for all to see. 

Next installment: Panama Canal, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Henri van Bentum