Paul the Octopus - yet more developments

More news about our amazing octopus, Paul the Oracle.  Another agent has now joined the gravy train for endorsements. This one resides in England and tells us children’s books are being written.

That’s what I predicted a couple of months ago, I was "right on the money", except I won’t get any royalties. (ho-ho)/ Also I predicted awhile ago for the coming Christmas season that toys would be manufactured about this oracle from the deep. Now we discovered there is a record deal in the works, "Paul the Octopus Sings Elvis".  What Elvis the Pelvis has to do with it, I’m not quite sure. Maybe because Paul’s 8 arms are flexible and can move in all directions.  Just like Elvis moved all over the place, “all shook up”.  Stay tuned for more on Paul, the amazing 8-armed clairvoyant.